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Legislation to Curb Prescription Drug Deaths Unveiled by Assemblyman Jim Wood

Sacramento, CA - Assemblyman Wood, public health representatives and law enforcement announced new legislation Tuesday to curb prescription drug abuse and deaths. Assembly Bill 623, authored by Assemblyman Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) aims to reduce prescription drug abuse-related deaths by reducing their access to those most prone to abusing them.

Assemblyman Wood introduces bill to speed up grant process

Today Assemblyman Wood introduced AB 325.  This bill would expedite the application process for small local governments to receive grant money through the Community Development Block Grant (CBDG).  

The CDBG allocates federal grants to local governments, creating a resource for communities to tackle issues specific to their city, town, or county.  For larger municipal jurisdictions, the federal money goes directly to the municipal government.  For smaller local jurisdictions, the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) receives the federal funding and is responsible for dispersing funds to local jurisdictions based on grant applications. 

Assemblyman Wood will serve as the chair of the “Select Committee on the Digital Divide in Rural California”

Today Jim Wood announced his appointment as the chair of the “Select Committee on the Digital Divide in Rural California”. The committee will address the challenges rural Californians experience obtaining, and in some cases maintaining, consistent levels of dependable telecommunication services. These services routinely involve cell phone coverage and high-speed internet.

Assemblyman Wood said, “I want to thank Speaker Atkins for this opportunity. I believe the inconsistency in access throughout the state is a growing problem, and it is contributing an additional dimension to our “digital divide.” At one time the “divide” was viewed as generally one that was generational or economic. I do not think we can ignore that geography now seems to be another significant contributing factor.”

Assemblymember Wood introduces legislation to provide consistency for medical marijuana farms and protect vital watersheds

Today Assemblyman Jim Wood introduced the Marijuana Watershed Protection Act (AB 243). The legislation would address the environmental impacts of medical marijuana cultivation, and would seek to mitigate the impact of the crop on California’s water quality and supply.

Last year the Governor approved funding for a pilot program tasking the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the State, and Regional Water Boards with educating, permitting, and enforcing regulations as they pertain to medical marijuana cultivation. The program implemented by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board established parameters that can guide statewide standards. AB 243 would build on that program’s momentum and create regulations to address environmental protections and water use on medical marijuana farms statewide.

Assemblymember Wood Announces Committee Membership

SACRAMENTO – Last month, the Speaker of the State Assembly announced committee memberships for all standing committees of the Assembly.  Assemblymember Jim Wood is proud to announce that he has been appointed to the following six committees: the Appropriations, Business and Professions, Health, Natural Resources, and the Rules Committee.  He has also been named Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture.  These committee assignments will allow Dr. Wood to have an immediate impact on legislation and important issues that the Legislature discusses this coming year.

As a practicing dentist for close to three decades, he is ready to engage in the discussion of bills dealing with the provision of health care and consumer protections, which will be the focus of the Assembly Health and Assembly Business and Professions Committees. An experienced business owner and now a member of the Appropriations committee, he is excited by the opportunity to assist his colleagues in the Legislature achieve meaningful policy change that is also fiscally responsible. Additionally, Dr. Wood has been a long time environmental champion dating back to his service as a councilmember and mayor of Healdsburg, and will bring that knowledge to debates as a member of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.  As Vice-Chair of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture, Dr. Wood can continue the work of protecting and restoring our fisheries and supporting the important role of aquaculture on the North Coast.

Jim Wood Takes Oath as Newest Assemblymember for 2nd Assembly District

Will Promote Economic Development and Environmental Conservation

(SACRMENTO) – Jim Wood (D-North Coast) was sworn in as the Assemblymember for California’s 2nd Assembly District today.

“I am grateful to the voters for selecting me to represent the North Coast,” said Assemblymember Wood. “I look forward to getting down to business and championing the interests of Assembly District 2.”

Assembly District 2 comprises all of Del Norte, Trinity, Humboldt and Mendocino counties, plus northern and coastal Sonoma County, including the northern half of Santa Rosa. The ceremony was held inside the Assembly Chambers at the State Capitol.