Assemblyman Wood Statement on May Revise

For immediate release:

(Sacramento, CA) – Assemblymember Jim Wood (D- Healdsburg) issued the following statement today regarding Governor Brown’s May Budget Revise:

“My Assembly Colleagues and I have made it clear to the Governor that California needs to re-establish its commitment to the future of our state.  During California’s fiscal crisis we did a huge disservice to our children and the future of our economy by making big cuts to our education system.  The “May Revise” released by Governor Brown’s office today is a good first step towards correcting those mistakes.  The Governor’s emphasis on education from early childhood through higher-ed. provides a much needed lift for future generations of Californians.” 

 I am also encouraged by the Governor’s funding for a California version of the Earned Income Tax Credit.  This effort is a valuable first step in addressing the deeply disturbing phenomenon of so many of our working families living in poverty.

It is now the Legislature’s turn to review, revise, and negotiate what is best for the people of California. I remain hopeful that as the Legislature begins discussions we do not ignore the critical needs of our most vulnerable populations.  Healthcare and other basic supportive services provided to some of our most vulnerable still need to be addressed if we are serious about investing in the future of California, and all Californians.   I look forward to the coming weeks where my colleagues and I have the opportunity to engage in meaningful debates to address other significant pressing issues including healthcare and affordable housing.