Asm Wood Wants Public to Increase Awareness of the Dangers of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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SACRAMENTO—Today Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa) asks the public to raise their awareness of the dangers of domestic violence and sexual assault, especially during this time when people are being asked to shelter in place.

“The recent passing of a woman from Mendocino County, allegedly from an attack by her husband who had been arrested numerous times for domestic abuse, is a grim reminder of the tragedy of domestic abuse and sexual assault,” said Wood. “We are now asking people to isolate and shelter in place in their homes, which should be a place we rely on to be safe.”

For people who are experiencing domestic violence, mandatory “stay home” directives that have been put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 have, in fact, trapped victims in their homes with their abusers, keeping them apart from people and resources that could help and support them.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports an increase in the number of callers reporting that their abusers are using COVID-19 to increase their isolation from friends and family. In a statement on their website, they say “In a time where companies may be encouraging that their employees work remotely, and the CDC is encouraging social distancing, an abuser may take advantage of an already stressful situation to gain more control.”

“Every county in the district I represent – Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino and Sonoma – has resources to help both victims and the public," said Wood. "I have put many of them here on my website, along with other COVID-19 resources, and would ask that if you know of someone or see someone experiencing or vulnerable to this abuse or assault, please seek advice about how you can help. These folks are more vulnerable than ever during this period of isolation and greatly depend on others to protect them.”


Domestic Abuse-Sexual Assault Resources for Assembly District 2

In these uncertain times, we are all feeling varying degrees of stress and anxiety. I want to make sure that we are all thinking of our relatives, friends and neighbors who may be or become victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. One in four families will experience violence in the place they should feel most safe, within their own homes. The increased stress of staying at home may increase, or even create, acts of violence. I have identified some of the primary resources in the five counties I represent for people who need help. If you see something, say something—that person may not have the opportunity to reach out on their own.

General information:

Interactive map of California resources: Click here to see county-by-county resources:

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233 or TTY 800-787-3224 or text LOVEIS to 22-522

Tips for talking to a friend: Click here

In emergencies, call 911

Assembly District 2-County resources: These organizations are the first organizations to call (unless it is an emergency). They can help with your immediate need and can refer you to other longer-term supportive services.

Humboldt County:

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services: 707-443-6042 (24/7) or toll free 866-668-6543 (24/7)

Website: Click here

Del Norte County:

Harrington House, 707-465-3013 (24/7)


Tolowa Dee-Ni Nation: 707-487-3175 (24/7)

Trinity County:

Human Response Network: 530-623-HELP (24/7)

Website: Click here

Mendocino County:

Project Sanctuary:

--Ukiah area: 707-463-HELP (24/7)

--Fort Bragg area: 707-964-HELP (24/7)

Website: Click here

Sonoma County:

YMCA Hotline: 707-546-1234 (24/7)

Website: Click here

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