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SB 793 by Sen. Hill to Ban Flavored Tobacco Products Passes Assembly Health Committee

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO–Today, SB 793, a bill authored by Senator Jerry Hill that bans flavored tobacco products passed the Assembly Health Committee, chaired by Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa).

“Senator Jerry Hill’s worthy and hard-fought legislation to ban flavored tobacco products, passed the Assembly Health Committee today with amendments to exempt premium cigars and pipe tobacco, products that do not target children,” said Wood. “This legislation will save lives and prevent our young people from taking up the deadly and addictive habit of smoking.”

“Although I agreed with the many people who stated support for the bill without any exemptions, some of my colleagues did not agree and compromise in the legislative process is sometimes the reality in order to make progress,” said Wood.

“Perfect can sometimes be the enemy of the good, however frustrating that may be, but today we had a win for the public’s health, and sent a message to big tobacco to take a hike,” said Wood.