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Asm Jim Wood Responds to Committee Assignments for 2021-22 Legislative Session

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO–On Saturday, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced the 2021-22 legislative session committee assignments.

Speaker Rendon appointed Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa) to serve on five committees: Agriculture, Budget, Insurance, Health and Natural Resources. In addition, he appointed Wood to Budget Subcommittee 1 on Health and Human Services and the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

“I am honored to be given the opportunity to serve on these committees,” said Wood. “These assignments give me the perfect opportunity to best serve my district, as well as the state.”

Wood has served on most of these committees in previous sessions. He has chaired the Assembly Health since early 2016 and will continue as chair in the coming session.

“As a health care provider, ensuring that people have access to quality and affordable health care, especially in rural areas, continues to be one of my highest priorities,” said Wood.

This is his first opportunity, however, to serve on the Agriculture Committee.

“The 2nd Assembly District has a significant agricultural community and producing a broad range of products,” said Wood “and I’m pleased to be able to represent their interests.”

These committee assignments allow Wood to weigh in early on challenges to economic growth, wildfire prevention, homeowner’s insurance, air quality, climate change, coastal and forest protection, and access to affordable health care, including containing costs.

“In addition to these committee assignments, I will continue to work on many other issues important to our community and do the work it will require,” said Wood. “The work I have done on the Budget Committee and subcommittee allows me to serve all of California by understanding the breadth of budget issues and my participation on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee gives me the opportunity to investigate and improve government’s performance.”

“It’s a full plate, for sure, but as I enter my seventh year in the Legislature, I’ve never felt more well positioned to make a difference.”

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