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Asm. Wood Honors Trinity County Food Bank as AD2’s Nonprofit of the Year 2023

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Trinity County Food Bank

SACRAMENTO—Today, Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) is honoring Trinity County Food Bank as the 2023 Nonprofit of the Year for Assembly District 2. This is the eighth year of the California Nonprofit of the Year initiative, a statewide effort honoring the critical role nonprofit organizations play in California.

The Trinity County Food Bank, under the leadership of Jeffry England, is a nonprofit organization that distributes food commodities to low-income families in the area in which they live, on a first-come, first-served basis. It describes itself as helping make the world around them a better, happier place. With the help of its staff, it organizes fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for its volunteers. It’s served the entire rural county since 1975 and has meant the difference between having a nutritious meal and hunger and delivers food to county residents all year regardless of the weather or natural disaster.

“A huge winter storm hit earlier this year taking out power and phone lines and blocked most of the roads and local stores ran out of food because trucks couldn’t deliver, but Jeffry and dedicated staff took advantage of a break in the weather, filled their van with food and gift cards for gas so people could run their generators and delivered a lifeline to the hardest hit folks in Southern Trinity County,” said Wood. That example alone is why Trinity County Food Bank, Jeffry and staff deserve this recognition.”

When asked to respond to the food bank being chosen for this recognition, Jeffry simply and modestly responded by saying “No one should go hungry in Trinity County!”

“When anyone talks about delivering meals to seniors, inspiring with music, protecting fresh water, educating children, championing the disadvantaged, speaking out for human rights, caring for animals, they are talking about work that nonprofits do,” noted Jan Masaoka, CEO of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), which serves as a partner for this awards program. “California Nonprofit of the Year gives elected leaders the opportunity to shine a light on what nonprofits are accomplishing for the people in their districts and for everyone to appreciate the collective impact of nonprofits across our state.”

To find out more about Trinity County Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that provides and distributes USDA commodities to low-income families as well as senior supplemental food boxes, visit their website here.

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